Pall rings are ideal for applications that include absorption/desorption, aeration, degassing, distillation, extraction, heat recovery, and stripping.

PALLCHEM Plastic Pall Rings are preferable to ceramic and metal because they are suitable for corrosive applications with low to moderate temperatures and are less costly.

Plastic Pall Rings are suitable because their cylindrical design increases the performance of the packing in terms of pressure drop, through put and efficiency. The Pall Ring design has an internal cross-structure of strengthened diametrical arms making it more mechanically robust for use in deep packed beds.


  • Heat and mass transfer in chemical processing plants, mining and petrochemical industries

  • Air pollution control scrubbers for liquid/gas extraction

  • Water treatment in sewage plants and water supply systems


  • Suitable for low pressure drop, high capacity applications

  • High degree of randomness

  • Consistent ratio of free and blocked passages, independent of orientation

  • Large surface area: volume ratio augments the rate of liquid film surface renewal to improve mass transfer

  • Promotes highly efficient two-phase contact and distribution

  • A relatively high liquid hold-up promotes high absorption efficiencies, especially where the reaction rates are slow

  • Uninterrupted and consistent passages for gas and liquid flow

  • Open, cross linked design provides a highly efficient use of the ring’s surface area

  • Robust to variations in liquid and vapour distribution

  • The internal cross structure of diametrical spars makes it mechanically robust and suitable for use in deep packed beds